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Free Consultation
Not sure if you need Aircon cleaning? Book a consultation with our experts to learn more.
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Household Units
Thorough cleaning of any unit, leading to fresher and healthier air!
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Commercial & Industrial units
We provide excellent and quality service and cater carefully to any of our partners!
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Safe & Approved
100% Safe Cleaning Products
We use non-toxic products which are perfectly safe and pose zero risk to children, pregnant women, the elderly and pets.
  • U.S. EPA (Safer Choice Program)
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Effective Against Any AC Grime
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    Careful & Deliberate
    Extend Aircon Lifespan & Lower Electricity Bills
    Breathe-Easy’s step-by-step methodology prioritizes the integrity of your AC units. With your AC cleaned, it will improve your AC’s efficiency lower electricity bills.
  • Repair Rather Than Ruin
  • Expert Handling (Careful & Deliberate)
  • Improved Efficiency
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    Friendly & Professional
    Assured Quality Service
    Our teams get the job done efficiently and professionally, openly communicating about our work, and offering advice and suggestions regarding your AC usage.
  • Arrive on Time
  • Thoroughly Clean Aircons
  • Protect Home Items
  • "Zero-Footprint" Policy
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    Support & Assurance
    After-Service Care
    We provide continued support at no additional cost. Our service centre can answer any remaining questions, and our teams may revisit to help with AC problems.
  • Leak Management
  • Aircon Usage Advice
  • Future Rewards
  • Hotline Service
    What makes aircons dirty and why should I clean my aircons?
    How do I know if my aircon needs to be cleaned?
    What kind of aircons do you clean?
    How often should I clean my aircons?
    Will my house be messy after a clean?
    How long will it take?
    How do you guarantee the safety of your products and methods?
    Do you offer repairs or other services?

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