Breathe-Easy Window aircon unit

Window Type Units

Comprehensive removal of the grime

that builds up in these common 

household units!


Breathe-Easy split aircon unit

Split Type Units

Our full disassembly deep clean thoroughly removes dirt and harmful contaminants, even decreasing your

electric bills!


Breathe-Easy bulit-in aircon unit

Built-in Type Units

Full cleaning of the unit and ductwork. 

Having your aircon look and smell good as new!


Breathe-Easy Cassette aircon unit

Cassette Type Units

Complete disassembly of cassette units allows us to clean each part and thoroughly remove any dirt buildup!



Commercial/Industrial units

We provide excellent and quality service. 


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Inspection service

Breathe-Easy offers free inspections of your air conditioning units so you know exactly what dirt is hiding inside your units!