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Disinfection / Sanitization

Take the next step to greater health and better air with our new whole-space disinfection service! This process provides powerful antimicrobial disinfection to any space whether residential, commercial or industrial. We understand the need for safer environments and cleaner air, and with our efficient, effective and safe service, it has never been easier to breathe easy!

Hospital Grade, At Home

2 Step Process

We disinfect, then protect! Using a 2 step ULV fogging process we ensure maximum coverage of our disinfectant, and then our hospital-grade antimicrobial coating.

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Our products are 99.9% effective against bacteria, fungi, mold, viruses (including COVID-19) and more! Our antimicrobial coating even provides up to 3 months of powerful antimicrobial protection after the service!

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Revolutionary Safety

Both of our products are extremely safe, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-allergenic, non-staining and biodegradable! We always leave your space safer than we found it.

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Quick and Easy

Our service is quick, cost effective and thorough, creating minimal disruption while providing maximum value. Our service is easy to book and there are no hidden fees!

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