Who we are

Diverse, passionate and professional. Breathe-Easy is a team of hard working individuals, united in the goal of providing service of the highest standard. 

Our teams strive to exemplify integrity in our work, taking no short cuts in the pursuit of quality. At Breathe-Easy, we offer nothing but our best!

Breathe-Easy was founded with a simple, yet impactful goal, share the gift of clean air! With this goal in mind, we endeavor to provide the safest, cleanest and most professional service in Hong Kong.

Clean air is something Hong Kong struggles with... We understand that dirty air conditioning affects the health of millions of Hong Kong residents each year, and billions more around the world. Breathe-Easy is here to change that. We recognize the benefits of healthy air, and we have committed ourselves to bringing it into your homes, schools, work places and so much more!

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Breathe-Easy Jeffery Lamb


Breathe-Easy specializes in safe and thorough air-conditioning cleaning. We service residential, commercial and industrial units, and ensure quality in every  aspect of our service.


Having a good indoor air quality (IAQ) is an essential part to maintaining both physical and mental health. Since almost all the air we breathe indoors passes through an air conditioning system, keeping them free of harmful molds, algae, bacteria, dusts and other harmful contaminants is absolutely necessary. 

Breathe-Easy aircon cleaning

Breathe-Easy uses 100% safe products that are non-corrosive and environmentally friendly.

Our teams are dedicated to providing the most thorough clean on the market and ensure that each service is completed professionally.

We are uncompromising in our approach to customer satisfaction and treat your home or work place with the utmost care and respect!


We are reliable, honest, friendly and professional; we are Breathe-Easy!

Breathe-Easy aircon cleaning

Meet The Team

Breathe-Easy Joshua Boshoff

Joshua Boshoff

Co-founder, Director, Lead Cleaning Technician

With years of air conditioner cleaning experience, he is passionate, motivated and entirely committed to providing nothing but the best in each service!

Breathe-Easy Jeffery Lamb

Jeffrey Lamb

Co-founder, Director, Cleaning Technician

A background in Consultancy and Entrepreneurship, Jeffrey brings effective communication, problem-solving and broad perspective to the Breathe-Easy. 

Breathe-Easy Jennifer Chung

Jennifer Chung

Design & Operation

Proactive, reliable and friendly. Jen takes customer service to the next level, making sure each customer is professionally handled.